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The end of High Streets as we know them?

Britain’s high streets are going through radical period of change, driven largely by the impact of a combination of internet, mobile, edge of town, out of town and supermarket shopping. Many of our own towns and villages will need all the support they can get in tackling the challenge of ensuring that their high streets can successfully evolve, thrive and continue in the future to be valued as centres of the community.


About Streets Ahead

The Streets Ahead project at Wealden District Council is the result of the 'Streets Ahead Report' by a working party of the overview and scrutiny committee.

Some might ask why this project, and the work by local town teams to regenerate their high streets, is of relevance to rural communities like the Parish of Rushlake Green and Warbleton. The answer is that we all rely on our local towns not just for shopping but also for the services we can get their and as places to meet people. Places that we can identify as our main local community.

So the future of our high streets - whether they blossom and grow or whether they wither and die - is important to us all.

In this section of the Village Leaf, we plan to publish articles based on existing materials such as the Streets Ahead Report, news items about the development of our local high streets, and thought pieces about the issues for our local town centres as they continue to evolve.

The following articles contain extracts from the original Streets Ahead report

Article 1 - The challenges we face
Article 2 - Reinvigoration
Article 3 - Reconfiguration
Article 4 - Reinvention


Add your perspective

If you know of a favorite shop or business that is doing something special to attract and keep customers, or if you can think of good examples of how shops, businesses or high streets are adapting successfully to the new consumer realities, please let us know at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Sources for more information

To follow the Streets Ahead project at Wealden, and to view the full Streets Ahead report, CLICK HERE to go straight to the Wealden website.
Or use this link