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Heathfield East ResuscitUs

. . . Campaigning for rural CPR and AEDs

(This is a copy of an initial scoping document drafted 2nd July 2014)

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As a largely rural area, Heathfield East is fortunate in having nearby a strong volunteer group - ‘Heathfield & Waldron First Response (HWFR) - that works closely with South East Coast Ambulance service to get help to remote locations.  But in the case of a cardiac arrest (where on average only 10% of people survive) early CPR and AED can also mean the difference between life and death:

[1]If bystanders provide CPR, and use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), to treat the victim before Emergency Medical Services arrive, survival rates increase to 38%.([2]) In other words, lay bystanders who take action by calling (999), starting CPR, and using the nearest AED can mean the difference between life and death for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. For every minute without CPR and defibrillation, the victim’s chance of survival decreases by 7-10%.”

A community-wide solution
We are seeking support for a joined-up campaign which will see us promoting and helping the growth of the HWFR volunteer group locally, whilst at the same time working to create a network of publically accessible AEDs, with many more CPR trained local residents.

1) Supporting and promoting Heathfield & Waldron First Responders, encouraging local volunteers to join.

2) Identifying best AED locations and raising money and support for new units

3) Organising local resident training sessions in CPR and AED techniques

Helping our local First Responders service to grow
HWFR recognizes the strong desire to have responder support locally in such places as ours. South East Coast Ambulance service (SECAmb) trains the responders without charge but the equipment for each individual costs £1,500. We need to help our Heathfield-based First Responder service to grow, and we need to encourage responder volunteers from our rural areas. Firstly we can raise money to support HWFR and its efforts. Secondly, through increasing awareness, we can help to identify potential local volunteers for the service.

Community-located AEDs
We already have AEDs in: Heathfield Fire Station, Heathfield Ambulance Station, Heathfield Rugby Club, Punnetts Town Surgery, and also possibly Horam Surgery. Our ultimate aim could be, over the next three years or so, to have AEDs in locations such as those shown on this map of the Heathfield East area (in green). Whilst some of these locations are strictly speaking outside the Heathfield East area, we have many residents living with Heathfield East for whom these locations are the nearest centre of community.

AEDs cost around £1,000 - with a mounting box - so achievement of this goal will depend on Wealden District Council community dividend funding, Parish funding where practicable, and local fund-raising.

As part of our joined-up solution, we would like to organise CPR and AED training sessions for local residents, particularly those in the remotest areas. These sessions could also encourage volunteers for the First Responders.



[2] Weisfeldt ML, Sitlani CM, Ornato JP, et al. Survival after application of automated external defibrillators before arrival of the emergency medical system: Evaluation in the Resuscitation outcomes consortium population of 21 million. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2010;55(16): 1,713-1,720.