Rushlake Green Village Leaf



Green Shoots April 2016

What's on around Rushlake Green . . .
16th April: Heffle Cuckoo Fair, Cade Street, 11am - 4pm
23rd April: Dinner Jazz, Dunn Village Hall
May-July: NGS Open Gardens
11th June: Summer Fayre, Bodle Street Green
12th June: Big Lunch / Queen's 90th, Rushlake Green
10th July: Horam Fun Day
30th July: Flower Show, Rushlake Green
13th July: Bodle Street Green Annual Flower Show
19-28th August: Little Arts Festival on Rushlake Green
29th  August: Le Marche, Heathfield

Dinner Jazz

Support the Warbleton & District Horticultural & Poultry Society (Rushlake Green Flowershow) and have some fun at an evening of dinner jazz, cheese and nibbles - with a bar. 23rd April, 7.30pm, Dunn Village Hall. Tickets from the Stores or Gill Snook 07939 515072


Little Arts Festival
- show your support

If you've not already subcribed to be a Friend of the Festival, why not do it now and show your support for this unique little community project. Everyone who has already expressed an interest is being emailed, and subscribers to the village leaf have been mailed a membership form. You can also pick one up at the village stores and other local places, or you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to request a Friends Membership form.

- join in

Plans for the Little Arts Festival are going well, with more arts events and activities being added to the programme all the time. And the Little Arts Festival group is eager to hear from all artists, arts enthusiasts and arts groups interested in taking part in the festival programme. That includes painting, drawing, sculpting and all forms of visual arts; all types of music; and everything from drama and poetry to photography and dance. And you can follow the little arts festival facebook page, which has lots of news and ideas about art activities.


High-Speed. Slow in-coming
but quickly nearing.

It's about to be with us and it should be well worth the wait. From what we can gather, High Speed broadband really has almost arrived at Rushlake Green and apprarently many if not all of those who eventually sign-up will enjoy 'fibre-to-house' - offering the best service available. We understand that the connecting up of fibre optics to many locations on and around the green is virtually complete. One way to check whether the fibre optics are now within reach of your house is to look at the new poles nearby. If they have a box with lettering on it, the fibre optics are connected to that point. The good news is that when the final connection is made, we understand that most will have the fibre brought right into the house. This is much better than the alternative, which would have been to have the final connection made with old fashioned copper wire. So this should give access to a very high quality connection. Unfortunately no one can tell us when the local network will actually be ready to operate - that's up to BT who still have to do all the final tests and approvals before anyone is invited to connect up.

It's worth waiting a bit longer
When everythings ready, BT will contact householders offering high speed connection and how much it will cost for different levels of speed and capacity. It's worth remembering that initially we will get information from just BT because they have a few week's of exclusivity, after which other providers will be allowed to start offering their competing deals for high speed connection. And only once a customer has agreed a contract with one of the providers will the actual fibre connection from the nearest new pole to the house be made - replacing the exisiting copper wire. Of course high-speed broadband doesn't come cheap, and the choices can seem a bit bewidering. To get an idea you could look at the U-switch website (other comparson sites are available) to get an idea of prices for a range of speeds and download limits. The actual choice will become a bit clearer once we know what speed we will be able to achieve locally, should we want it.

Fair Cuckoo

The Heffle Cuckoo Fair is back, on the 16th April, at Cade Street. Once again the event is marked by the appearance of the customary scarecrows in all sorts of odd places - some not so much scarry as ouright wierd - see above, snapped in the front garden of Heathfield Vets. They really should get out more! Or maybe they shouldn't be let out at all! For details see:

Flicks n gigs

Films coming up at the Pavilion Hailsham include Secret in their Eyes; The Danish Girl; Margueritte; the Revenant; Risen. Excelent live gigs include Martin Simpson and Martin Taylor; Hot Club of Cowtown(!) from Austin Texas; Phil Beer Band; Chris Difford (Squeeze) + other spyboy events such as The Blues Band, Show of Hands and Barbara Dickson, all at St Mary's Castle, Hastings.


Open Season

Julia and Chris will be once again opening their enchanting garden to the public:

“We are opening as part of the National Gardens Scheme (NGS), where all the money raised across the UK is given to 6 care-related charities and 3 guest charities. Free NGS booklets available at The Stores. We shall be open from beginning of May to end of July - for groups and individuals - by appointment only because of limited parking on Turners Green. We do need a bit of notice as we are very often busy, but will happily provide refreshments with prior warning. Admission to the garden is £4, and we charge £2.50/head for tea and calories. Email contact is best: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as we are rarely in to answer the phone, but 01435 831191 if you prefer. You can read more about us on the NGS website

Defib for Warbleton

The ResuscitUs campaign group are now aiming to get a defibrillator for Warbleton. South East Coast Ambulance strongly support rural communities that make the effort to get a Publcly Accessible Defibrillator installed as an ambulance would strugle to reach these more remote locations with the first ten minutes that are critical for survival in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

South East Coast Ambulance (SECAmb), in recognition of local progress with AEDs so far, has offered a free cabinet. And the Warbleton Parish Church Committee have demonstrated their strong support be making a generous cto kick-start the appeal. So now it's just a matter of raising the remaining funds required to purchase the defibrillator.

If you'd like to help get a defibrillator for Warbleton by making a contribution to the fund, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a donation form.