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About Village Leaf

Rushlake Green community Website & Newsletter (and the supporting Village Leaf Fund)


The Village Leaf website

The idea behind the website is to provide a place where information, news, experiences and ideas can be shared, with the aim of promoting, supporting and helping to sustain, the Rushlake Green village community.

Created by the community for the community

People from across the community are encouraged to provide material and information for the website, and to contribute ideas and suggestions about the content. Final decisions about the content will however always remain with the Editor. The website is freely accessible to all members of the village community and the general public. In order to share the topical content of the website as widely as possible, there is also an accompanying occasional newsletter which in addition to being published on the website as a download, is also made available, where practicable, in printed form.

Organically grown

This website is designed to continue to grow and evolve in response to people’s ideas and contributions. Content sections, as they develop, can be added to the left hand menu. If you are interested in contributing a page of content for a particular activity or have an idea about something that would make a good content page on this website, please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with ‘Website content ideas’ in the subject box.


The Village Leaf website and the newsletter are to be run on behalf of the community, for the benefit of the community, on a non-profit-making basis. We aim to be a truly independent voice, with no vested interests. So while money-raising will be necessary from time to time, we will work to ensure that funding sources do not in any way restrict or determine editorial content.

The Village Leaf Fund

The purpose of Village Leaf Project Fund is to provide financial resources for the ongoing operation and development of the Rushlake Green ‘Village Leaf’ community website and newsletter. The fund shall be used to raise money to pay for costs incurred in the on-going operation and development of the website and the newsletter. This will include such things as website design and programming; content management set-up, printing and print supplies; purchase of essential office equipment such as computer printers used for the purpose of printing newsletters; and ongoing licence costs such as web domains and content management software. The fund will seek money from all suitable sources including contributions for Green Pages entries, voluntary contributions from members of the community and from local businesses, contributions from main sponsors, and grants from appropriate funding sources in the private, public and charity sectors. Unless otherwise stipulated by the funding provider, all money raised will be pooled and used for immediate or ongoing costs, as appropriate. Nigel McKeeman, as principal, editor and project manager will be assisted by James Fairbairn, acting as Fund Secretary & Treasurer. All those directly involved in the running of the website and newsletter do so on a voluntary basis, without remuneration.

Travelling light

When we look at other similar websites, we see that one of the biggest pitfalls is keeping things up to date. Many sites start off with lots of well intentioned ideas, and many whizzy digital solutions, but end up failing because no one is able to maintain that level of activity day in day out. We therefore have, from the start, set modest and we hope achievable aims for this website. We avoid within the main content pages anything that will date too quickly and we try only to update things when basic stuff like contact names and details change.Topical information and material is covered initially on the front page. This information is more permanently available within the ‘Village Leaf’ issues, which are available as a download and are also distributed by hand. And we try to keep the website design simple, clearly signposted and easy to access irrespective of broadband connection speed.