Fitness and Wellbeing

This section is provides space for therapies and advice aimed at improving personal health, fitness and sense of wellbeing. This includes different forms of massage, shiatsu and other therapies such as counselling We also include places, such as the Studio, where workshops and groups sessions can be organised in a suitably tranquil environment




Lotte Berk exercise classes – Dallington

Designed to achieve a lean, supple and toned body, the LotteBerk® exercises will help you seriously improve your curves. Created over 60 years ago by a German dancer Lotte Berk, the moves are based on modern dance, yoga and physiotherapy. Like Pilates, Lotte Berk focuses on core stability around the pelvis and lower back, but also includes ballet style barre work. The Lotte Berk Method has been called the ultimate body transformation system. Used worldwide ever since by professional performers, athletes and those searching for general fitness.

Classes daily in warm, friendly studio
Lotte Berk Exercise Classes
Contact: Fiona Vestentoft,  07739 631 697

Heathfield Leisure Centre

Heathfield Leisure Centre is a dual-use facility, shared with Heathfield Community College. The centre is operated by freedom leisure and has a gym equipped with cardio and weights equipment, an exercise studio for hosting fitness classes and a large sports hall suitable for ball games, gymnastics, trampolining and badminton.  New additions to the 2011 exercise programme include ‘bike it, cardio step, mind & balance and Zumba.’  Influenced by Latin music, Zumba combines a wide range of dance styles. Great for co-ordination, building up stamina and generally having a great time! Other classes available throughout the week include ‘legs, bums & tums’, fitness yoga, cardio step, ‘mind & balance’, ‘pump it’, and pilates. Classes are free to Premier members, non-members should contact the centre for prices. Competitive memberships to the centre are available, and gym and fitness classes. We host children’s birthday parties at the weekend, popular options include: bouncy castle and soft play parties, sports parties and trampolining parties. We also host an under 5’s bouncy castle session on Saturday mornings. For more information please call us on 01435 868824 or visit our website 


Massage and therapy


Brigitte Barker MAR – Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural complementary therapy that treats the whole person rather than just their symptoms. Calming and relaxing, it is a non-intrusive. A reflexologist can detect tensions and small deposits in the feet, which indicate blockages to the body’s natural energy pathways. This causes imbalances and congestions which can result in symptoms or possibly disease. These obstructions can be stimulated by gentle pressure, releasing toxins and improving all circulations, which encourages the body’s natural ability to re-balance itself. Because of this, reflexology is also a very good preventative healthcare. Based in Broad Oak and with over ten year’s experience, I am a fully qualified and insured member of the Association of Reflexologists. I am always pleased to answer any questions you may have before committing to a treatment or course of treatments. More information is on my website, I can be contacted by email:   or by phone: 01435 864173 / 07768 310033.

Jacqueline Bradford – Indian Head Massage 

Indian head massage is a simple and effective way to help with , tension, fatigue , increase well being ,bring deep relaxation and so much more. I come to your home , bringing my own chair , and massage your shoulders , neck ,scalp and face , whilst your are fully dressed . The whole experience takes in the order of 40 minutes. I qualified in 2006, and am fully insured. For your taste of bliss ring Jacqueline 01435 830392

Paulette Dale Roberts – Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a therapy that occupies a place between Acupuncture (without needles), Massage (no oil and through clothing), Yoga (using stretching techniques and Healing (touch). It offers the warmth of a caring touch in a safe environment and has a very distinctive feel that is unlike any other form of bodywork. It is practised at floor level, therefore both you and your practitioner feel very grounded: people often fall asleep during a session and afterwards feel very relaxed, with a sense of wellbeing and peace. Others may feel invigorated and ready to get up and go. Paulette Dale Roberts MRSS MAR is a fully qualified and insured practitioner of Shiatsu and Reflexology who has been working in East Sussex for about 15 years. Contact Paulette: 01435 830 564 /  or go to website: (which is the Horam Natural Therapy Centre where I also work).

Sam Richardson – Massage Therapy

I am a qualified massage therapist offering a private clinic in a dedicated room with quiet surroundings that ensure your treatment is a relaxed as possible. By looking at the person as a whole I bring greater depth to the individual treatment I am able to offer. I have a VTCT qualification in health & fitness, sports massage, Indian head massage and Swedish massage. I have also studied advanced techniques with Mel Cash and myofascial release with Stuart Robertson. I continue to receive referrals from past and present clients and look forward to welcoming you to my clinic. Sam Richardson: 01435 830701 / 07887 888036