Local shops, farm shops and food producers

This section of Green Pages is dedicated to local pubs & restaurants. and local shops that specialise in authentic produce. With more and more interest in getting back to a more traditional pattern of shopping locally for food produced locally, in its natural season, Farm Shops have become increasingly successful as a way for Farmers to supply directly to their local customers. We already have several farm shops here in Green Pages. If you know of others we should feature, please let us know or ask them to contact us direct. And of course we include The Rushlake Green Stores.  Please note: We are happy to provide space for local enterprises to spread the word about their products. However, as a voluntary community website, we can take no responsibility for the legality, quality or food safety of any of the products purchased from these businesses

Rushlake Green Village Stores

Traditional counter service in a hugely popular shop that has been at the heart of the village since 19th century. Fresh fruit and veg, bakery products including artisan bread (Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday); drinks, ice-creams, fresh meats and dairy products including many from local sources; convenience meals; and of course a wealth of household essentials.
The shop is open:
Monday to Friday 7.00am – 6.00pm; Saturday 7.00am – 3.00pm; Sunday 8.00am – 12.00 noon
The Post Office open:
Monday to Friday 7.00am – 6.00pm; Saturday 7.00am – 1.00pm; Sunday closed
In addition to its own services, the post office now also offers banking facilities including deposits and balance enquiries, for many leading high street banks.
Postal collection times, from the post box outside the shop, shown below.



Other local shops and food producers include:

Badgers Mead farm / Kelly Bronze Turkeys

Our delicious free range eggs are available at The Stores, in Rushlake Green. The eggs come from our farm here at Badgers Mead, where we also rear completely Free Range bronze turkeys. Our turkeys feed on a diet of non-GM natural cereal, in which there are no additives, antibiotics or growth promoters. All the birds are hand-plucked and processed in the traditional way. Our non-intensive approach to eggs and turkeys means we can provide quality products and give our animals the benefit of a natural life. We sell from the farm gate and through local shops such as The Stores in Rushlake Green where our Kelly Bronze Turkeys are in great demand every Christmas. Contact Neville Champion on 01825 830421.

Greenway Fruit Farm

The Greenway Fruit Farm, comprising 40 acres of sandy, free draining Sussex land, was first planted with apples & pears in 1951. Today, with minimal chemical inputs, we grow dessert apples, pears, plums and cherries to Farm Assured Standards, encouraging biodiversity and protecting the local environment. Greenway is still part of a marketing organisation supplying Marks & Spencer and Tesco but in recent years Graham Love, the owner, has built up a thriving local trade supplying Farmer’s Market’s, Brighton Wholesale Market, Farm Shops, Local Stores & Schools. Supplying locally means that our fruit can be picked ripe and sold fresh, which maximizes its taste, flavour & nutritional properties – and reduces the level of food miles & packaging. Contact Graham Love on 01323 833118 /

Hen on The Gate / Clayton Organic Farm

Located just outside the delightful village of Mayfield, hen on the gate features our own wide range of meats, eggs and seasonal vegetables. This award winning range is all produced to the exacting standards of the Soil Association. If you value quality, traceability and authenticity you can do no better! Our Sussex beef, traditionally hung and full of flavour, our delicately textured Romney cross lamb, scrunchy crackling on our flavoursome woodland reared pork, the natural flavours of our home-made sausages, delicious free ranging organic chicken that can’t be beaten for quantity and quality, the freshness and taste of our famous eggs, our hams, bacon and home cured smoked meats……and of course our Christmas fare, including the best free ranging organic bronze turkeys you will ever taste…..and all from our own farm.  Clayton Organic Farm, Newick Lane. Shop: 01435 874852. E-mail: or visit www.claytonorganicfarm.comEd230418

Horam Butchers / Highlands Organic Farm

We are a local Butchers offering traditional and organic, local farm produced meat, poultry and game. This includes our own organic beef and lamb from Highlands Organic Farm nearby and homemade Horam Sausages are a speciality.  We like to have as much local produce as possible including free-range eggs and game such as pheasant, pigeon and rabbit. We have delicious organic milk from Hooks Organic Farm in Hailsham and stock an expanding range of organic products such as cereal, condiments etc.  Special orders can be taken with 48-hour notice. Visit us in Horam High Street, just over the bridge by the Cuckoo Trail or contact us at : 01435 813130 / enquiries@horambutchers.co.uk / horambutchers.co.uk .   Ed230418

Sterlings Red House Farm Shop

We are a small family run Farm in the East Sussex countryside. We pride ourselves on our pedigree Sussex cattle herd, our North Country Mules, Llyens and Suffork ewes and our cross bred Large White sows. We have various breeds of chickens that wonder around the farm freely. We also have two pet donkeys called Dougy and Duncan who you can meet when you visit our farm shop where we sell all our great tasting quality meat. We make delicious homemade pies which are made from Sally’s secret pastry recipe and our delicious home reared meat fillings. We also make homemade sausage rolls, curries, cakes and much more. We believe we are unique because we only sell our home reared meat in our farm shop. We love making sure all our animals live a great, healthy and happy life. All our animals are fed on chemical and GM free diets and in stress free environments. These healthy content animals provide quality meat that speaks for itself. Why not come visit us and try some?
Open Fridays 9.00am – 6.00pm and Saturdays from10.00 am to 4.00pm.
Come along or contact 07769 289480 / or visit www.sterlingfarmshop.com



Tottingworth Farms Ltd

Our fabulous cafe and farm shop offers the finest home produced or locally sourced goods in East Sussex, from fresh meat, soups, pies and quiches, to fresh vegetables, dairy products, locally sourced jams and preserves.  Why not pop in to our airy cafe for a coffee, relaxed shopping and a chance to enjoy the wonderful views over the Sussex countryside. We also offer breakfasts, lunch,  afternoon teas, sandwiches, cakes & soups, as well as our renowned butchery selling the finest fresh meat, straight from the farm. Our farm has been running since 1957 when my grandparents first bought it. Since then we have taken immense pride in producing the best quality beef and lamb, all reared on 200 acres of glorious Sussex countryside. We are sure that you will find our produce fresh, tasty and great value, but don’t take our word for it, come and visit us to try for yourself.
The shop is open: Tuesdays – Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm, Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm
Contact: Sarah Wareham 01435 862425 / or visit www.tottingworth.co.uk