Ian Collett sent in these stunning pictures of the immaculate preparations for the Harvest Festival at St Marys Church by the Sanctuary Guild, about which sadly we knew very little so we asked Helen Bowern to fill us in. As she explains:

“The so-called Sanctuary Guild is a group of willing arrangers that has existed for many, many years to provide flowers week by week, with extra special efforts at Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival. This Harvest I think we have excelled ourselves. It seemed very appropriate that we were working to celebrate harvest (nowadays it also includes celebrating nature and creation) while a ploughing match was going on in the adjacent field. We are always in need of willing helpers who would enjoy arranging flowers in our lovely ancient church. It’s always fun doing it together and learning from each other.”

If you would be interested in contacting Helen Bowern please email us at rushlakegreenvillage@gmail.com and we’ll pass your details on.


Oh and by the way. Helen mentioned the ploughing match that was going on nearby when these flowers were being arranged. Well what do you you know. Ian took some shots of that too . . . . . .