‘Planting trees’ features prominently in many lists of ways to combat the climate crisis. Now is still a good time of year to plant, while trees are still dormant. The received wisdom seems to be that a good approach is to choose native trees that fit well into the surrounding eco-system. That way you get a carbon reduction and you support local wildlife with sources of food and habitat. Whilst in many situations the preferred approach is to plant reasonably established trees, there is also the alternative of planting bare root saplings – particularly where a large number of trees is planned. Many nurseries offer an extensive catalogue of bare root species, many of which are indigenous and often used in bulk for hedge planting. In fact when we look around at our landscape, many of the trees we see along roads or in fields started off as hedge plants that managed to just keep on growing.
Local sources for trees and bare-root saplings include:
– Rivermead Nurseries
– English Woodlands
– Cade Street Nursery
– Petals
We plan to do a feature soon on planting bare-root saplings.