We were delighted to learn about the recent launch of THE BODLE – a new village magazine for Bodle Street Green community – “Bringing you local articles of interest, local information, local businesses, local contacts and support”.  The February issue has already been distributed – free. Paid subscription starts in May. Regular topics include: Local People of interest; Recipes; Gardening Club; Natural World; Reviews; other interests. The new magazine will, we feel sure, be of great interest and usefulness to residents far beyond the immediate community of Bodle Street Green and we will try to keep an eye out for topical material, on the the accompanying website, that we can link to from the Leaf.

To get the project off the ground, and spread to the word, the first three editions of the magazine are being being made available free. From May, the subscription will be £10/year for twelve monthly copies. Local subscribers will have their Bodle delivered by a band of volunteers. The many local residents who have already taken out an annual subscription are already getting the initial free copies delivered in this way.  For those wishing to have their Bodle copies delivered by post, there will be an extra cost of 66p per issue.

The inaugural February magazine is packed with interesting articles by residents. The Editor is Flowie Georgiou, the Web designer Richard Georgiou and the Treasurer Philip Hale. Content contributors include Charles Harding, Margaret Harding, Julia Desch, Peter Love, Briony Allen, Safia Bowley, Tim Brenchley, Patsy Walters, Mary Williamson, Kerry Howell and Jill Pickering. And there is a team of volunteers already distributing the magazine to people’s letter boxes.

Access to the accompanying website will always be free. The web address is: www.thebodle.com
Details of subscriptions, and how to contribute or advertise can be found on the Editor’s Note page: http://thebodle.com/editors-note
To subscribe, get more information or to send in an article, letter, picture, advert or review, email: info@thebodle.com

So . . . subscribe today and get your copy of this great new village magazine delivered to your door, every month.