Being told to Stay at Home provides a great opportunity to become a little fitter. And ‘Couch to 5K’ is one of the most popular and effective ways to start getting a more active. Created by the NHS, ‘C25K’ literally starts with the assumption that you do absolutely no exercise and, through a series of gradual steps, gets you running. It’s for all ages. First for just a few minutes at a time, then gradually increasing over a period of weeks, and entirely at your own pace. It’s surprising how quickly you begin to feel more fit, and ready to gradually build up some stamina. And it’s not about speed. Just how long you can run for, at a time. And it seems to be compatible with the ‘Once a Day’ exercise allowance within the newly announced government ‘Stay at Home’ guidelines. There’s a helpful video, on the NHS website, that explains the benefits, and how easy it is for anyone to start.

And if running is really not your thing, check out the companion NHS series ‘Strength and Flex’ which guides you through some simple exercises and stretches that will help you stay fit despite not being out and about.