Our first ‘Best Local Shot’ from January is by Ian Collett who captured the brilliant robin photo above. ‘Best Local Shot’ is an excellent idea from a loyal Village Leaf supporter who wrote to us to suggest:

“I know you are always looking for ideas for the Leaf and I wondered if you think this a possible way to cheer people up and get them to feel part of something. There are more people walking the lanes and fields, all probably have mobile phones and some take their SLR cameras with them. How about inviting them to send their best photo of the week (or month) in for a page of ‘best local shots’ ?”

We think this is a great suggestion, which we hope will encourage more people to use their phones/cameras when out and about. It could be an atmospheric landscape during a walk, close-up shots of plants and wild-flowers, tranquil aspects of village life, dramatic weather, birds and wildlife in your garden. Feeding birds at this time of the year is important. More and more people are doing their bit to encourage birdlife, and getting involved in the nationwide RSPB survey. And birdlife makes an interesting photography subject.

So . . . give us your best shots
Send your photos to rushlakegreenvillage@gmail.com.

The photo-files should be as large as possible to retain their quality. We can always compress them this end.

See also our February piece (coming soon), sharing some of the amazing Best Local Shots we’ve already received: STILLS OF LIFE