East Sussex Highways have a vehicle that can do 200 P.H.D. Firing bitumen coated aggregate into pot holes at high velocity. How cool is that?

‘Velocity Patching’ fixes defects permanently in just a few minutes, keeping traffic moving without the need for closing the road. The machine and crew can fix up to 200 Pot Holes per Day, meaning that they can carry out more repairs.

First, the machine blows the defect clean, removing any dust and grit for a clean surface. Next, a cold emulsion is forced into every crack and crevice. This seals the defect and protects it by preventing any water from getting under the surface. This is how pot holes often form. Finally, aggregate is coated in bitumen emulsion before being fired at high velocity into the pot hole. It is compacted densely and sets immediately. The process takes just a few minutes, and is ready to drive on immediately.

To find out where East Sussex Highways are unleashing the VELOCITYMOBILE click this link: https://www.eastsussexhighways.com/highway-schemes/spray-patching

That website page also has links to where potholes can (and should) be reported. Report your pothole today and maybe it will get the High Velocity treatment soon.