The owners of the Horse & Groom have some optimistic news about progress towards a re-opening. Here is their latest open letter, giving a ‘Pub Update’.

“As no doubt you have seen, we’ve had our decorators busy on stripping back years of paint on paint and have in fact revealed the windows to the front of the pub are sound and repairable. So great news, we can preserve these. The whole of the front is having a good clean-down and paint within the guide-lines of the conservation requirements.

Our immediate plan is to get the pub open for the village and community. The more extensive repairs require listed building consents and this process, whilst being very much supported by the building conservation department, still requires going through the formal process and as this may take some months, we will have to work in the background on this.

It would be fantastic if we can at least be open to support the Flower Show weekend and it is our desire to try and achieve this. There are still several technical and licensing issues – again we are working on these now.

We hope to be able to give a further progress report and, in the meantime, appreciate the enthusiastic support from everyone passing by.”

John Miller

VL Editor’s note: We are sure that everyone will be extremely heartened to know that things continue to move in a positive direction towards the full re-opening of Rushlake Green’s pub under new management. We thank the Directors of the Horse & Groom for sharing progress along the way, and look forward to further positive news to relay soon.