Local Covid19 Community Network (LCCN)

LCCN – Background and People

We are all Working Together to Pull Together

The Local Covid-19 Community network (LCCN) has been set up to help the community at a time when many of us are self-isolating and need extra assistance and reassurance. You may have seen our flyer posted through your letterbox by the postman (Click here to see a copy). LCCN is set up and run by residents.

We’re reaching out to people in Rushlake Green, Warbleton, Chapmans Town, Dallington, Punnets Town, Three Cups, Turners Green and Bodle Street Green. Many local communities are already checking in on family, neighbours and friends, calling them to ensure they are okay. And many volunteer groups already exist in each different area. The LCCN is in contact with key volunteers in each area who are helping those who are having to self-isolate or are in one of the vulnerable groups. We’re offering help with emergency deliveries, collecting prescription medicines, and are also here to give a friendly call should you just want to talk to someone.

The group was initially set up with the support of the Rushlake Green Big Lunch and its sponsors Foresters and Batcheller Monkhouse. We are now also working closely with Warbleton and Dallington Parish Council, many individuals and existing community initiatives .

Who’s involved?

Bill and Louise Philps – live in Rushlake Green and set up the annual Big Lunch, which sadly will not be taking place this year.
Anthony McGaw – lives in Rushlake Green, set up the phone line and is the network main point of contact. Anthony will often be one of the people taking your call.
Alistair Beagley – lives in Rushlake Green, also set up the network. Alistair is looking at local suppliers and in contact with local groups to come up with ideas of things we can all do while at home. We’ll post these online on local websites and Facebook groups etc.
Celia Davies – lives in Rushlake Green and also Warbleton Parish Councillor. Celia is helping to join the dots, ensuring we’re sharing information in the network. Celia will often be one of the people taking your call.
Jo Brown – lives in Rushlake Green and is a member of the Big Lunch team. Jo will often be one of the people taking your call.
Nigel McKeeman – lives in Rushlake Green and runs the Village Leaf website Nigel will be posting community updates and info on the website and also the Village Leaf facebook page.

Key Volunteer Co-ordinators in each area

Andrea Pickett – lives in Rushlake Green, Andrea is working with her Ladies Group to provide help to those who live in the Rushlake Green area.
Steve Williamson – lives in Bodle Street Green and Warbleton Parish Councillor – Steve is working with other volunteers in the Bodle Street Green area.
Irene Marchant – lives in Dallington and is also the Dallington Parish Clerk. Irene is working with all the councillors, village hall committee and other volunteers in the Dallington area to help those locally. Irene is also posting regular updates and resources on the village website at www.dallington.org.uk, where you can sign up to receive new messages automatically.
Becky Gayle – Becky lives in Punnett’s Town and has set up the Punnett’s Town Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/365254087491120/ and is working with local volunteers in the Punnetts Town and Three Cups area.

How to contact us

If you want to help us or need support, get in touch.
Tel: 01435 898 020
Email: LCCnetwork2020@gmail.com