Local Covid-19 Community Network (LCCN)

How to get help from the LCCN if you are self-isolated or in one of the vulnerable groups

Many local communities are already checking in on family, neighbours and friends, calling them to ensure they are okay. And many volunteer groups already exist in each different area. The LCCN is in contact with key volunteers in each area who are helping those who are having to self-isolate or are in one of the vulnerable groups. We’re offering help with emergency deliveries, collecting prescription medicines, and are also here to give a friendly call should you just want to talk to someone.

Your requests will be forwarded to a trusted volunteer coordinator in your own local area who will contact you to assist with such needs as:

  • Emergency deliveries if you have no nearby family or friends
  • Collecting prescription medicines from the pharmacy
  • Providing friendly contact through phone calls or skype