This is a message from the Local Covid-19 Community Network (LCCN).  

Apologies if you are receiving this message several times, we are using all local networks to reach out to as many people as possible in the Parish of Warbleton which includes Rushlake Green, Bodle Street Green and Chapmans Town amongst others.

We are a group of local residents who have come together during a time where some people are finding it hard to access the help they need within our Parish area. 

We’re mobilising local networks to help us support the most vulnerable in the area and those self-isolating. This includes those over 70, those with underlying health conditions or if you just need extra community support at the moment due to the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak.


We’re reaching out to those who might want support. If you would like to speak to us, or want to ask for help, please call 01435 898020 between 8.30am and 7pm each day or email and let’s see how we can help. This might be arranging deliveries, picking up shopping and medication, a friendly phone call, posting mail or other urgent supplies.

Please note, this is not a medical help line – please see links to advice from the government and NHS if you feel unwell by clicking on the links below.


We are seeking volunteers to help people throughout the whole parish area. If you would like to support the community and join in, we can add you (or your existing group) to this network to coordinate support. 

This might involve you arranging deliveries, picking up shopping and medication, a friendly phone call, posting mail, other urgent supplies. If you are self-isolating yourself, you may want to help remotely by, for example, contacting people by phone.

Please email your contact details, and thoughts on how you could help, to and we’ll get back to you with further information.


Rushlake Green Stores are doing their best to maintain stocks of the basics in the circumstances. Delivery of some products are sporadic.

For those who are self-isolating, call Rushlake Green Village Stores to discuss your order. There are two options:
They will put it together and deliver it to you at the bench under the Warbleton sign in the green opposite the shop
– For those self-isolating in their homes they are able to arrange delivery to your door.  There are no delivery charges during this time.

Rushlake Green Stores can take payment by card at the door via contactless payment or in cash. Alternatively, they are happy to set up accounts for payment later.

Call the Village Stores on 01435 830381 or email

We will be doing more in the coming weeks including information in the Parish Magazine and more info on the Village Leaf website

If there is anything in particular you think we need to be aware of please let us know. Lastly these are challenging times and we need to take it very seriously, but we have an amazing community here with a strong resolve.

Best regards

The Local Covid-19 Community Network


For the latest government information on Covid-19 please see the links below, which are revised regularly by NHS and government.

Further information can be found at: