Local help and support is very much still there, for those who need it, as the Corona Virus academic enters a new but equally uncertain stage of its evolution. The Local Covid-19 Community Network tell us that they are prepared for a possible spike in demand for their local volunteer services. As the lock-down measures are eased, and the number of people and and about increases, there is the potential for those who are most vulnerable to feel if anything more anxious about visiting local shops, pharmacies, surgeries etc. to collect everyday essentials and medical supplies and prescriptions. Now that more shops are open, those not able to do so may be very grateful to find someone willing to take a trip to a hardware store, a garden centre or an electrical specialist to get things that have been unobtainable throughout the lock-down. And let’s mot forget, our local stores is is still taking dozens of orders each week, and the LCCN can find volunteers to help collect and deliver to those unable to get out themselves.

Here’s a reminder of what LCCN can offer:

The LCCN is in contact with key volunteers in each area who are helping those who are having to self-isolate or are in one of the vulnerable groups. We’re offering help with emergency deliveries, collecting prescription medicines, and are also here to give a friendly call should you just want to talk to someone.

Your requests will be forwarded to a trusted volunteer coordinator in your own local area who will contact you to assist with such needs as:

  • Emergency deliveries if you have no nearby family or friends
  • Collecting prescription medicines from the pharmacy
  • Providing friendly contact through phone calls or skype