A new music-listening group is being formed, and Brian Bishop – whose idea this is – would welcome responses from anyone who’d be interested.

Brian tells us:

“I would like the opportunity to be able to listen to music and discuss and share and learn about different pieces in a group of like minded enthusiasts in the Rushlake Green and Heathfield area. This could be in a monthly group where each member could play a recording of a favourite piece and then discuss why they like it.

We could also attend any live music events that come up in the area. My particular interest is mostly in the Classical genre but I have, as have many others, an eclectic appreciation of many other forms from Jazz to World Music, and from solo instruments to large ensembles. There is increasing acceptance and understanding of the therapeutic power of music which makes exploring that world a rich experience.”

If you’re interested please email Brian at brianbishop@icloud.com