Here’s a copy of an open letter from the owners of the Horse & Groom, in which they bring news of the changes underway:

As most of you may now be aware, Gary has formally exited his lease and will be leaving by the end of May.  John and I have held back on making this public knowledge until the legal side of matters had been completed.

We are endeavouring to find a short-term solution to be able to open the pub for the Jubilee Celebrations. There are a number of issues we need to overcome, including public liability insurance, and if we want to try and serve any refreshments/alcohol there are licensing issues. However, we are trying our utmost even if it is just to allow access to the toilets to support the event. If we can open in any shape or form this will purely be to support the Bank Holiday event only.

In order to quash any fears the village may have, will be carrying out essential repairs on the out-buildings, roof, elevations and windows. The pub will be closed in order to carry out these essential repairs before the condition deteriorates even further. All of these works will be like-for-like essential repairs, in order to comply with the Listed Building regulations. 

For the long term, we are now actively looking for a suitable candidate to take over the business as a going concern and fulfil our desires to develop the pub to its full potential as a focal point for the village and to the wider community. We are keen to be able to offer a traditional pub environment with a mix of a friendly drinking venue offering a quality menu. We are keen to get it right from the outset so it may take a little time to find the right person or persons.

As we make progress we will be happy to keep everyone informed.

John Miller

Here at the Village Leaf we will endeavour to provide objective and verified information about the pub, and it’s future new management, as this becomes available. Ed.