No matter what is thrown at them, Tony and the amazing team at the Rushlake Green Village Stores always seem to find a way to surprise, delight and literally deliver the very best for the local community. So our WOW (Walking on Water) gold award goes to Tony and his amazing team, all of whom have been unerringly helpful and truly brilliant at making the shop such a vital centre for the community. “Well we do try to be brilliant” as Tony would say. We never cease to be amazed at all the things Tony manages to find – never more so than at Christmas when often the Stores is the only place where certain items can be found. One of the questions Tony seems to like the best is “Tony do you, by any chance, have . . . . ” His answer usually takes one of two forms. Either “Yes of course, how many would you like?” or  “I’ll see what I can do to get some in for you.” The Stores champions local producers, artisans and traders, eco-friendly products and has a huge range of organic goods. Plus it has the best Post Office team for many miles around. It’s really worth keeping an eye on The Rushlake Green Villages Stores facebook page ( as Tony delights in sharing news of new stuff on the shelves, special offers or little known gems.  We really hope that, when all ‘this’ is over, everyone will have come to fully realise how much can be bought locally, with a lower carbon footprint, and how vital it is for us all to create the year round support and loyalty that makes it possible for the Village Stores to prosper and continue to be here for the weal of all.