Here are some Breaking Views, sent in by Andrea Pickett. Thank you so much, to all those who responded to our appeal for chilled photos of Rushlake Green and its surrounding locations. Here all the amazing photos that people sent in.

Hamish Porter originally inspired the idea of our ‘Frosty Photos’ appeal when he sent in these stunning imagery.


Lizzie Hutchinson responded to our facebook mention with a mysterious frozen moment in time:

Jo ‘Flipflop’ send us some gems . . .

Including Bentley here, proving he’s anything but flakey

Caroline Thompson found herself in an alien landscape:

Dallington Forest

Dallington Forest (or possibly Narnia?)  /  and Windmill at Punnetts Town

This crystal image from Hedge Scott . . .

Shirley Austin took these inspiringly icy images

Lucy Burton-Lloyd snapped this Icily Idylic shot.

Georgina Bollen captured this . . .

Jeni Moore says “Nigel doesn’t like the snow’ . . . that’s the duck by the way.
He looks pretty cool to us.

Pam sent us this shot of her “beautiful visitors”.

Tom Forbes shot this . . .

Thank you so much everyone who answered our call for wintery photographs. We were overwhelmed by the response. What an amazing encapsulation of the way our local landscape has been transformed by the cold snap.

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