Marcus Bain normally holds his regular Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes in the Dunn Village Hall. To help all of us now ‘staying at home’, Marcus has published a free video lesson, that can be accessed via this You Tube link:
Here’s is what Marcus has to say as an introduction to the lessons:
“I have produced these videos purely for our local community as a way to provide a service for those now with limited spaces to go and things to do. Tai Chi and Chi Kung are a way to balance Body and Mind for a Healthier and more active lifestyle.The aim of these videos is to help people to do a bit of exercise whilst they are unable to get out to classes. Also for people who now find themselves being stuck in their houses without enough healthy easy to do exercise. Most of what I now teach is for what we call seniors or people over the age of retirement. However any one of any age will get benefit from these simple easy to do exercises, based on Chinese Chi Kung and Tai Chi . As usual if something I mention to do on the video does not feel good or even hurts you, then “don’t do it”. Only do what feels ok and makes you feel good. So if you are new to this then why not give it a try and see if it is something that suits you. Please let me know by email below, if you like what I have put out and if you wish to get the next video or Live session. Also have a peek at the website address below There is no charge for these lessons as I want to just do my bit to help everyone here, during these difficult times. However as I am now unable to work, if anyone at anytime wishes to make a donation no matter how small that would be gratefully accepted with Thanks. to do this, use the link below
Thanks for all that you do for us all. It is appreciated….
Love and Blessings Marcus Bain”