UPDATE TO THIS STORY : As a result of Tony’s badgering, the PO have brought forward the Rushlake Green Post Office Re-opening to Tuesday 6th August – that’s around nine weeks earlier than first promised. Excellent news. Well done Tony. 
Rushlake Green Village Stores’ Post Office counter has been temporarily close since Monday 22nd July. This is because the Post Office has been unable to arrange the necessary training days to allow the PO to be transferred to the new owners within days of the changeover as originally intended. And it’s not for want of trying by the new Shopkeeper Tony Fields, who gave the Post Office plenty of warning and has successfully completed a long-winded series background checks and interviews required of a new Postmaster. The expectation was that the final transition process and training would take place with a week or so of the changeover – and Bobby agreed to stay on briefly while this happened. It then transpired that, due to “lack of resources”, the Post Office would not be able to start the training and transition until 24th September – that’s a full eleven weeks after the changeover. That has thankfully now been updated to 6th August.

The post office is a vital resource for elderly people to collect their pensions, businesses and individuals to pay in and withdraw money from their bank accounts (as several local banks have closed) as well as all the usual postal and other services that our community relies on. It was therefore vital that pressure be put on the Post Office to find the training resources to enable to Rushlake Green post office to get up and running again. Our local County Councillor, Bill Bentley and our local M.P. Huw Merriman were contacted to see what they can do to encourage the Post Office into action, and many other local contacts were also informed.

It’s good to see that the matter will soon be resolved.

See also the Rushlake Green Village Shop facebook page @rgvssussex to provide feedback and support for Tony