The Rushlake Green Village Stores is launching a new Daily Delivery Round for newspapers, milk, bread and basic groceries. Customers can fill out an order form that allows them to say on what day they’d like what items delivered. This new service is in addition to the existing extensive grocery delivery service which will continue as usual. The daily deliveries are for basics – things people need delivered between main deliveries or visits to the shop.

The new service starts on 1st February 2021. You can download an order form using the link below, or send the Stores a message or call into the shop if you would like an order form or if you would like any information. The Stores’ number is 01435 830381. We think this is yet another brilliant idea from Tony and his team, who are constantly thinking up new ways to provide better customer service. The Daily Delivery Round will be particularly helpful for those not able every day to go into the shop for items like newspapers, milk and fresh bread – things that can really make a difference to an isolated existence.

You can download the Daily Delivery Round order form by clicking the link below. If you have a friend or neighbour, whom you think might value the service but may not have a printer, why not pop a copy through their letterbox. Click below:
RGCVS Daily Delivery Round pdf download.