Lots of people have asked us to create some room for ideas that will help to make Rushlake Green a little greener. Initiatives to nurture the natural environment around us. Hints on how to reduce our carbon footprint. Information about how to cut landfill waste. Shared experiences of alternative uses of energy. Over the coming months we are going to try to feature one or two ‘Green-Room’ stories in each new edition of the Village Leaf front page, Suggestions we’ve received, for topics we could address, include:
–  Planting trees
–  Encouraging wildflowers and biodiversity
–  Buying locally sourced food
–  Supporting local makers and suppliers
–  Reducing use of single use plastics and recycle more
–  Using public transport and minimising air travel
–  Switching to cleaner heating sources
–  Using less energy
–  Choosing green energy suppliers
–  Making our next car an electric car
If you have any relevant knowledge or experiences on of these or other related areas, we would welcome your ideas and contributions to Rushlakegreenvillage@gmail.com
Over coming months we plan to explore as many of these subjects as possible. We’ve kicked this off with pieces on a Wildflower Event and Buying Locally Sourced products.
Look out for our little ‘Green Room’ logo on these articles
previewed on the Village Leaf front page: