Prompted by the restrictions, but possibly presaging the way to become more accessible to more local people in the future, the Parish Council is currently conducting its meetings online via Zoom. It would be a very welcome development if online access to Council meetings were to become the norm as historically public attendance, by physically turning up, has always been at a disappointingly low level. Giving residents the ability to follow proceedings online would do a lot to increase awareness of the many and varied aspects of the Councils work that go largely un-recognised. There will always be value in attending (subject to lock-down-easing), to raise an issue in the Public Adjournment slot, but it seems nonsensical in the 21st century to have to be physically there at the meeting, to listen to what is being discussed.

This month sees the Annual Statutory Meeting of the Parish Council at which the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are elected. The ASM starts at 7.00pm on Thursday 21st May, and will be conducted online via Zoom. Details of how members of the public can attend the meeting live online, including log-in and password, can be found in an accompanying post ‘ZOOM IN ON ANNUAL STATUTORY MEETING’

The Parish Council also has a whizzy new website (see above), which provides better access to Council information and news, and is now more actively engaged in communicating important local information such as government messages about covid-19 safety. The new website is now live and can be found at a new website address: 

The agenda for the May 21st meeting, along with minutes of previous meetings can also be found on the Parish website.