Warbleton Parish Council Annual Statutory Meeting (ASM) will be held online, via Zoom, from 7.00pm Thursday 21st May 2020. Zoom meeting ID: 852 0659 8666

To attend online you will need to download the Zoom app. You can either sign-up for zoom by going to the website https://zoom.us/ or, if you click the meeting link below ahead of the meeting, you will be prompted to sign-up before being able to access the meeting itself. You’d be well-advised to get familiar with the basics of Zoom in advance as there are some settings that you may need to pay attention to. Signing up for the first time also involves quite a bit of back and forth, so takes a bit of time.

Zoom meeting details for 21st May.
The agenda on the Warbleton Parish website includes the link details for the Zoom meeting. Here is a copy of the link that we have tested and know works: The Zoom session seems to have been set-up to go live from 6.30pm, 21st May, 30 minutes before the ASM begins, to allow plenty of time for everyone to log on.

Log-in details:
Password 943818
Zoom meeting ID: 852 0659 8666