Sadly, but inevitably, we are beginning to see cases of Covid-19 in around the Warbleton Parish gradually edging up. Everyone needs to watch out for the symptoms. No matter how carefully we follow the guidelines, this contagious virus seems to find ways to creep through. If you do think you have symptoms please don’t panic, just get onto NHS111, get advice and get a test. For many, fortunately, the illness is not too severe. And even for those most badly effected, the NHS is now much better equipped to beat it. So please don’t worry. Most importantly let others around you know what’s going on so that they can give you the practical and moral support that is so vital for those isolating. People are wonderfully supportive, and this whole affair is bringing out the very best in our community, with its amazing, warm and kind spirit.

And if you, or anyone you know, is struggling to get support. (with vital help, meds, food etc.), don’t forget our local LCCN volunteer group is on the end of a helpline to provide assistance that friends and family are not able to. Our Local Covid-19 Community Network (LCCN) which is run by an amazing group of local volunteers. But please use this as a last, rather than first, port of call. The LCCN is there for when when no one else is available to help. The LCCN pages (with helpline details) can be found in the top right hand menu of this web page under ‘covid-19 Information’ or just CLICK HEREĀ