We would like to pay tribute to all the wonderful local people that continue to do so much to make other people’s lives happier, in and around Rushlake Green. Those who’ve been keeping in touch with, and supporting, isolated residents. Those who’ve been volunteering to be there when needed for urgent tasks (see https://rushlakegreenvillage.co.uk/lccn-background-people/). Those that have made us cheerful with things like the surprise Community Christmas Tree on the village green. And those like the flower-arrangers for the Church, quietly restoring a sense of normality for those that attend. The local charity groups that have been working tirelessly to support the older members of the community.  And many many others.

We have come up with the idea of WOW (Walking on Water) Awards, which we plan to give to present to nominees that have gone way beyond the call of duty, in support of local residents. Our initial WOW Awards can be seen in a separate article ‘And the WOW Award goes to . . . ‘   

If you know of any individual, group or organisation that you believe deserves special recognition for the effort they’ve put into helping people in our community then please let us know. To make a nomination just email us with the name of the nominee(s) and a short citation of what they have done to deserve recognition (max 50-60 words). We will publish as many as we can, and will be happy to provide printed awards wherever practicable.  Please add your own name and contact details.
Email rushlakegreenvillage@gmail.com.