From Saturday 13th June, single parents or those living alone, have been able to form a “bubble” with another household, bringing a welcome and much deserved relief for many of those who have been living an isolated existence for so long. This change, and the relaxation of shop opening from 15th June, will help families begin to experience something more like normality. But for many of the most vulnerable, the risks and the sense of isolation remain largely unchanged. No relaxation for those in care homes. No opportunity for grandparents to visit their grandchildren if there are two parents. And no easy way to shop risk free for those shielding. And the largely unresolved challenge of how to reduce the educational, social and mental impact on many young people continues to tax all the different, well-meaning, government, local authority and educational sector groups involved in the decision making process, and the practicalities involved.

Locally, the Village Stores continues to provide a tireless lifeline for many local isolated people. And the Local Covid-19 Community Network (LCCN) is very keen to hear from anyone needing help or support. Many local residents have also been volunteering and helping their neighbours in countless unsung ways. If you have stories of how people are helping each other, or providing services in different ways, within the health guidelines, please email

This week we see the welcome return of many invaluable local shops such as Wildbloods Electricians and The Original Factory Shop. Many, like Heathfield Ironmongers, have already been open in a limited way. All are having to change the way they operate in order to maintain social distancing. The pressure on the government for a reduction of the 2 metre rule is increasing, and it’s clear that only with a reduction to say 1 metre can the pubs, restaurants and the hospitality sector in general begin to rescue their business viability. Clearly, whether it’s soon or later, there will in time be a reduction in the rules. For the many this will be hugely welcome – potentially easier shopping, easier socialising and the ability for many to get back to work. And for those still vulnerable (such as the older people), this will increase the risks of going out and using any of the newly opened services. As always with this crisis, there are no easy solutions and we will only know in time which decisions were wise and which were taken for the wrong reasons.

See our page about the LOCAL COVID-19 COMMUNITY NETWORK (LCCN)
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For latest info see the very useful and detailed guidance on the Warbleton Parish Council website home page

Please alert us to any shops or services, now open again, that you’d like us to share.

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