CIL is a ‘Community Infrastructure Levy’ on new developments. And Warbleton Parish Council receives 15% of any CIL charged on developments in our area. The money can be spent on “the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure or anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area”. This is a pretty open brief, so Warbleton Parish want your views on how the money would be best spent

There’s a very quick and easy survey that Warbleton PC are asking us all to complete. It really is dead easy (just click a link on the WPC website) and incredibly quick – literally a minute or so. And it’s a great opportunity to influence the Council’s actions. There’s a list of ideas that have already been put forward – and you can say which of these you’d support. But most importantly, there’s a space for you to make your own suggestions about what the CIL money should be spent on. 

And we’re not talking peanuts. Apparently the Council already have just under £9,000 to spend. And they could well receive additional CIL money in 2021. Enough for some pretty serious projects that could make a big difference to local life. So – have your say, and do the CIL survey today.

To do the survey, go to the Home Page of the WPC website
and click the link there.

To find out more about CIL and the Survey, you can go to the dedicated page on the WPC website: