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Green Shoots - May 2012 . . .

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Around and about, this month

News of What's On in May and beyond including:

Heathfield Show

This year, in addition to stunt Mega-Minis, there's a new Educational area sponsored by Tottingworth Farm (host to the Heathfield Show) and Creaseys LLP, designed to 'educate and inform children and adults alike, about the provenance of meat and the important part farming plays in delivering food to our tables'.  The area has a display of farm animals - examples of different breeds of cattle with their calves, a ewe and lamb, and sow and piglets - and a ‘hands on’ corner for children which will include the new addition to the Tottingworth herd: a manual milking cow! (see caption comp below). CLICK HERE to see details of the Heathfield Show, in What's On.


Send you witty (and clean) caption for this photo of the rather quizzical looking Heathfield Show 'Mechanical Cow' to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We'll print the best (or worst) in our next issue.

Also Click here to see Tottingworth Farm in our Green Pages.


Rushlake goes Wilde about Crime

This month sees the Village Players' production of Lord Arthur Saville's Crime, by Oscar Wilde - a Theatre Dinner in the Dunn Village Hall. Tickets have been on sale since April, but you might be lucky - CLICK HERE for details and contacts


Flamenco and Tapas

An evening of fiery dance and live music, in the Dunn Village Hall. Book now. CLICK HERE for details


CLICK HERE for What's On in May,
and for What's On in June, including Jubilee Celebrations

Coffee on the green - loafing about - bearing all . . .

We have it on good authority that the Rushlake Green village shop will soon be serving fresh coffee - so eat your heart out Jean Paul. The Stores now also offer their excellent artisan breads, freshly baked from the Lighthouse, on Thursdays as well as Saturdays. Need a witty, and highly creative, present for your kids, grandchildren or nieces and nephews? Rufus and the Rain, illustrated by local artist Chris Liddiard, is now available in the Stores. See also the Rufus website

Credit in Reserve

Providing free credit places immense pressure on small local shops like our Stores, especially now that many suppliers no longer offer shops 28 days credit. In response to requests from loyal customers who want to support their local shop, The Stores now offers 'Credit Reserve' - which allows you to deposit an up-front payment with the shop, which you can then draw upon when you do your shopping on the Green - and no need to take your wallet every time you pop down to the Stores. We think 'Credit Reserve' is a great idea and hope others will want to take it up.

Heathfield Swimming Pool Plans Submitted

A Planning Application for a new swimming pool with improved leisure and fitness facilities, on the Heathfield Community College site, has been submitted to Sussex County Council. This marks a significant milestone for this community-led campaign, which raised more than £40,000 for a feasibility study and planning application. If the application is successful, work can begin on raising the funds required to build the new facility, which will be available for everyone in the Heathfield area.

Local films at the Hailsham Pavilion

A rare chance to see this very original film. A bored, retired rock star (Sean Penn) sets out to find his father's executioner, an ex war criminal, who is a refugee in the U.S. Quirky, funny and stylish - Penn's character portrayal is oddly charming.







Other films this month at the Pavilion Cinema Hailsham include The Kid with a Bike (Le Gamin au Velo) and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Also live at the Pavilion this month: Lunansa and Home Service.

CLICK HERE for listings of all Pavilion Films in May, with booking details


Gardening Diary

Garden a mud-bath? Read our Gardening Diary and console dream about what you should be doing by this time of year. CLICK HERE


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Previously in Green pages - a look back at Leaf stories.

Some of the local stories we've covered in the two years since the launch of the Village Leaf community website in April 2010.

Rushlake's got talent - theatre, music and art.

Soon after we launched the Leaf, Rushlake Green was echoeing to the sound of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream performed with memorable professionalism by our very own Village Players. CLICK HERE to see more pictures.

In July the same year it was Sugarloaf at Woods Corner, Dallington. The weather in the evening was perfect, with balmy sunshine giving way to a spectacular sunset backdrop to the music.

To see more picture go to 'Seen and heard' or CLICK HERE

It was quite a musical summer with 'One Summers Evening' after the flower show, with local groups: Richard and Ron; Marilyn and Andy Rushlake Green's own Cornflower Blue

In February 2011 we reported the sad death of legendary guitarist Gary Moore, who had so much enjoyed his time at the 'Vibes on the Vine' festival in Horam, that he returned again when the festival returned in 2010. Those of us who attended that set will always remember how much he clearly enjoyed jamming with local blues stalwarts.

Richard Gormley's Critical Mass was just one of the many amazingly high profile Del la Ware Pavilion art events that we've been able to report on. It never ceases to amaze us how good the pavilion is at attracting heavyweight exhibitions - as demonstrated by the recent Warhol show which was brilliant.

And we've publicised local events such as the Art Barn Show, organised by art and craft makers from the surrounding areas.

Recently we also launched a new section where we can provide space for local artists to share some of their work and say something about their art. New artists always welcome.

Kay Bendall - Julia Desch - Carolyn Flood - Margaret Keech - Sarah Lewis - Chris Liddiard - Kate Penoyre

Digging out down to earth advice and ideas

berriesIn November 2010 local gardener Ross Atabey volunteered to contribute a regular Gardening Diary. This has become a much valued feature - with edition number 14 just published. Both experienced and new gardeners can find heaps to learn from Ross's wise hints and observations. You can also go through Ross's back-catalogue to see all the things you should have done - but didn't quite get around to it - in previous months.

Through all weathers . . .

Christmas 2010 saw the shop staff braving the snow to be in, and open at 7.00am so that stranded householders could still get basic provisions.

Meanwhile, we were celebrating local photographers as they captured the arctic landscape, and some arctic wildlife

Photos above by Shirley Austin; Proctor Taylor; Corrie Huntley; Chris Liddiard

Spud chases a Yeti out of the woods! Photo by Proctor Taylor

And Green Pages just keeps on growing

Covering everything you could need to find out about locally - Health, Fitness, Tradespeople, Auto-services, Gardening and Land services, Pubs, Restaurants, Places to stay, Financial services, Craft centres, Farm producers, New enterprises,  . . . . . this list of Green Page entries is expanding all the time, with nearly 80 entries already.

Salvage Tree Surgeon 2

Local issues and concerns

Since its publication in December 2010, we've been following the progress of the Wealden Local Development Framework and trying to help readers keep up with the complexities of its development. Early in this story we were able to get an exclusive interview with Roy Galley, the Wealden Councillor and Portfolio Holder responsible for Planning Strategy.

A while back we explained the opportunities for local people to take part in the consultation about the choice of sites for the planned new housing in Heathfield. We also kept everyone up to date with progress with the inspector's evaluation of Wealden's Core Strategy. We followed the latest developments on this, as it became likely that Heathfield's housing element would be excluded from from the strategy, until some components of the proposals had been re-formulated

In some of the first issues of the Village Leaf we responded to local concerns about the slow completion of the sewerage works and took this up with the contractors.

More recently we've been highlighting the eyesore created by the Pumping Station at the Southern end of the green - courtesy of Southern Water. We hope that soon we'll be able to bring you news of a breakthrough in resident's attempts to secure a satisfactory resolution to this unsightly problem.


Green Pages

We are always looking for new names to add to Green Pages. Past new entries include : Tottingworth Farm Shop in Local Products and Produce; Trumpety Trump in our new Kids Stuff section; Freedom Leisure, in Health and Fitness; Patricia Petri-Clark De-cluttering and Home Organising service, Lee Wood, Painter/Decorator and Tiler. See his entry in Trades; Athelas Exotic Plant Nursery in our garden and land services section within Green Pages; J.Gardener Window Cleaning & Gardener Property Care - a local firm that offer a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial property care services; Country House Interiors and Lighting Ltd in Punnetts Town (in Art & Crafts); The Chantry, Turners Green, Middle Lane (in Local Venues); Reflexologist Brigitte Barker MAR (in Health, Fitness and Well-being); We are (still!) planning an equestrian section - any ideas? Contact us with suitable local people or enterprises: email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


A - W (we don't have a Z yet) of what's inside

(or coming soon)

Accommodation . Artists . Bacon . Bed & Breakfast . Beef . Bonfire societies . Brass band . Brochures . Butchers . Carpentry . Catering . Cranes . Counselling . Country walks . Dairy . Drama. Eggs . Electrical . Farm shops . Farmers Markets . Farms stays . Fencing . Folk Club . Free range eggs . Fruit . Galleries . Game . Gardeners . Garden machinery . Ground works . Homemade cakes . Holiday cottages . Horticultural society . Heavy lifting . Information . IT . Joinery . Kelly bronze turkeys . Lamb . Locally grown vegetables . Massage . Musicians . Newspapers . Nurseries . Open Studios . Organic produce . Pet food . Pies . Places to visit . Ponds & lakes . Pork . Post Office . Print design . Pubs . Recovery . Reflexology . Removals . Restaurants . Retreats . Sausages . Shiatsu . Short breaks . Solstice Morris . Stationary . Storage . Therapists . Timber . Transport . Tractors . Trees and shrubs . Tree surgeons . Tyres . Venues . Village Stores . Village halls . Water work . Wealth management . Web design . Wheelwright . WI . Wine and spirits

. . . taking in Rushlake Green, Warbleton, Bodle street Cowbeech, Horam, Punnetts Town, Three Cups, Turners Green and Vines Cross