Rushlake Green Village Leaf

Green Shoots - September 2010


Chris Liddiard - Art Show - Sat 11th, Sun 12, Sept

Don't miss this exhibition, in the Turners Green Chantry, of paintings by Rushlake Green artist Chris Liddiard.

His paintings, sometimes realistic, sometimes not, are inspired by the village and the surrounding countryside. The Chantry is a beautifully restored chapel. Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th September, 10am - 5pm each day. The Chantry, Middle Lane, Turners Green TN21 9RA. For info (or sales!) contact Chris Liddiard 01435 864271


A Feast of Music - CANCELLED

Dunn Village Hall, on 18th September - an evening of song was planned, in aid of Children of Gambia Services and the Village Hall itself. This event has been postponed. We do not have any further details


Dunn Rocking?

Late breaking news of a 'Rock and Disco' night, 25th September, Dunn Village Hall see What's On


'Shiatsu Week' discount

Local Shiatsu therapist Paulette Dale Roberts has let us know that it will be "European Shiatsu Week" from 20th - 26th Sept. For anyone who makes a booking during Shiatsu Week either at the Horam Natural Therapy Centre or at her own clinic, Paulette will be offering Shiatsu treatments at a reduced price until the end of October.
Horam Natural Therapy Centre 01435 812997 or at my own clinic in Punnetts Town 01435 830564.


The Green's going Greener

At a public meeting in the Dunn Village Hall, Wealden Council presented the re-cycling scheme that is being introduced in Rushlake Green and surrounding areas. This is part of the Council's strategy for reducing the proportion of the 60,000 tonnes of rubbish we throw away annually that has to end up in Landfill or Incineration. We will all be receiving some detailed information about the scheme and its introduction. However, in a nutshell, the scheme seems to work like this:

Once the scheme is up and running we will all have two Wheeled Bins, each with an additional 'Caddy' inside it's top half, providing in total four containers in which to put the four classes of refuse materials the Council will be collecting in future. One bin will be for Cardboard and Garden Waste, for composting by the Council, (in the main bin) and Paper such as newspapers and junk mail for manufacturing into recycled Paper (in the caddy). The other bin will be for recyclable Cans, Cartons, Bottles etc (in the Caddy) and non-recyclable Household Waste (in the main bin). The Wheeled Bins will be collected on alternate weeks - ie Cardboard, Garden Waste & Paper one week, then Recyclable Cans etc and non-recyclable Household Waste the next. For more about the bins and caddys click here to go direct to the Wealden site. It's likely that some will say that the new scheme seems a bit complicated - with the feel of something dreamed-up by a focus group - and remembering which bin is being collected on which week will take some getting used too. But the Council assures us that most people get the hang of it fairly quickly.

There are also some potential issues: for example older people may struggle to manage all the collecting together and proper allocation of the different types of rubbish. And we will still have to take our glass bottles to local collection points so that the different glass types can be kept separated.

But whlist there will be some who don't see the need for this type of scheme at all, for the many who are keen to recycle as much as possible, this could provide a much simpler, and more productive solution. Let's see.

For more info go to their main page or Click Here


Another offer you can't refuse

The Good Fellas in the kitchen at the Merrie Harriers have drawn up a menu of Classic Italian dishes, Fresh Pasta, Homemade Pizza and Risotto with mixed Boards of Charcuterie. Little Italy comes to Cowbeech on Wednesday 29th September 2010. Visit the news and events page on their website for full menu details Call 01323 833108 to make a reservation, please book early to avoid disappointment.


New Eye on the Green

We were delighted to receive some stunning pictures from 'YAO' - a very talented local photographer. Some may know him AKA Kevin Sullivan, from Warbleton.

See this and many more of Yao's images that have now been added to our 'Leafscapes' pages. Your photographic contributions are more than welcome. Just email files to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll do our best to publish them.


Don't forget to check what's On

Our What's on section is updated all the time so its worth checking it regularly for news of events, local music gigs, open studios and gardens, and anything else that we find out is happening soon. And we cover quite a wide area - anywhere really that's easy to reach from Rushlake Green.


Sausage heaven

Locally produced sausages, and other products from David and Erica Turton's Bodle Street farm, are now available in The Stores on Rushlake Green. This is very good news for all the locals who are already fans of Sussex Farm Sausages (and bacon and chops etc). It's good to see that The Stores is continuing to respond to the demand, identified in our Shop Survey, for more local products.


Growing Green Pages

Recent entries include: Athelas Exotic Plant Nursery in our garden and land services section within Green Pages; J.Gardener Window Cleaning & Gardener Property Care - a local firm that offer a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial property care services; Country House Interiors and Lighting Ltd in Punnetts Town (in Art & Crafts & Trades); The Chantry, Turners Green, Middle Lane (in Local Venues); Reflexologist Brigitte Barker MAR (in Health, Fitness and Well-being); The Gallery on Rushlake Green (in Art & Crafts & Trades) We are also planning an equestrian section - any ideas? Contact us with suitable local people or enterprises: email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


You could be our eyes and ears

If you plan to attend a local event, or are involved in a local activity or project, why not give us a report. All we need from you is a short email with, where appropriate, a few good pictures attached. If you think you can help, please let us know in advance so that we can be ready for your contribution. Contact Nigel McKeeman at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it