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Wealden Council note about the representation process
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of the Local Development Plan

Following two rounds of extensive  public consultation, Wealden District Council is inviting residents, local businesses and organisations to give their views about Wealden's  proposed Core Strategy which will guide sustainable development in the District over the next 20 years.

"We have listened to a great many differing and often opposing views when drawing up this Core Strategy to outline the most sustainable approach for future growth in Wealden," said Councillor Roy Galley, Cabinet member for Planning and Development at Wealden District Council. "We have carefully assessed all of these views and weighed the evidence we have gathered. We believe that the strategy now  proposed provides the best and most reasonable balance between meeting future needs and our capacity to accommodate growth."

"Now we need to put our decisions to the test. It’s a strategy that will affect local people's lives and everyone has the opportunity to say what they feel about our suggested approach.  These representations will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate who will  be examining Wealden's proposals on behalf of the Government to ensure that  they are sound."

The period in which individuals and organisations can make representations about  Wealden's Core Strategy runs for six weeks from Monday 14 February  and will end on Monday 28 March.

All proposed submission documents, including Wealden District Council's Proposed Core Strategy and it's accompanying Sustainability Appraisal  will be available to view and download on the Council’s website, from Friday 11 February 2011.

Here are some direct links to the relevant documents:


Here's a link to the relevant page with Wealden website


Here's a link to Wealden's 'REPRESENTATION PORTAL':


Reference copies of the proposed Core Strategy, together with accompanying Sustainability Appraisal,  various background papers guidance notes  and representation forms can also be viewed at  the following locations:

Wealden District Council's offices at Crowborough and Hailsham.

East Sussex County Council offices in Lewes.

Public Libraries at: Crowborough, Forest Row, Hailsham, Heathfield, Polegate, Uckfield, Wadhurst and Willingdon.

Town and Parish Council Offices at: Crowborough, Forest Row, Hailsham  Heathfield and Waldron, Maresfield, Polegate, Uckfield and  Willingdon and Jevington.

Wealden's planning policy team will be happy to answer any questions from the public about the representations procedure.  They can be contacted by telephone on 01892 60 2883 or email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Government's Planning Inspector will take account of all representations during the Examination in Public of the Core Strategy which will take place over several weeks later this year. Members of the pubic who have made representations will be able  to speak at the Examination in Public which will be held in Wealden.

The  Planning Inspector will make the final decision about the Core Strategy. If the decision is that the Core Strategy is sound,  it will be adopted as part of Wealden's Local Development Framework.

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